Our specialties are in the Commercial and Enterprise Law, Civil Procedure, Labor Law, Notary and Registry Services, Solidary Associations and Intellectual Property. Regarding Commercial Law, we have been regarded as a indispensable for companies in matters such as administrative and judicial fees.  We also count with strategic alliances with other firms, both within and outside of our country, to give specialized attention to our clients on diverse matters such as Criminal, Adminstrative and Tax Law.

We specialise in

  • Labor Law
  • Criminal Law 
  • Commercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Notary and Registry Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Family Law
  • Sanitary Registry
  • Tax Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • All-round advisory to Solidarity Associations

We offer

  • Availability of a lawyer in our offices from 8:00AM to 5:30PM from Monday to Friday
  • Attention to legal emergencies outside business days and hours
  • Personalized attention in work hours and days by an account executive
  • Legal advisory in corporate and general legal matter
  • Direction of Civil, Labor and Collection Processes
  • Assistance and Advisory in negotiation meetings with clients or providers
  • Contracts that adapt to the client’s needs
  • Legal and comercial advisory in corporate and society matters
  • We guarantee a maximum answer time of 24 hours in notary matters and other legal requirements that due to special circumstances need to be attended within that time frame
  • Sanitary Registry for Central America and Dominican Republic
  • Notary and Registry Service
  • All-round advisory for Solidarity Associations
  • Training for enterprises, Solidarity Associations, Boards of Directors, employees or others in diverse legal matter.

Aselecom Pi

Health records

This department supplies the brand registry, patents and everything related with copyright, intelectual property and sanitary registry for Central America and Dominican Republic.


Mediation Center


The Center for Altern Resolution of Conflicts S.A (CENRAC) is located in the ASELECOM building, which has qualified professionals, certified by the Lawyer’s College, DINARAC and the Ministry of Justice and Peace as mediators and conciliators. This entity is authorized by the Ministry of Justice and Peace and the National Direction of Altern Resolution to Conflicts to manage extra judicial mediation processes by the 022-2017 resolution, where clients will be able to solve different kinds of conflicts, wether they are related with labor, commerce and other of interest for the company. It is assisted negotiation where the issue is treated and various ways of settlement are sought. The arrangement between two parts in the mediation center has an oficial validity. It has the same value as a sentence in case of breach.