We provide services to all of Central America, with lawyers and firms administered from our offices in Costa Rica. This includes in-house attorney facilities administered by our firm within the enterprises of our clients. We also supply all-round counselling to solidarity associations, as well as training and integral services to associations within enterprises such as the ones belonging to Kimberly-Clark, Banco Nacional, and Durman Esquivel among many others of great importance for the country. ASELECOM also provides services to a variety of national and international clients in the corporate area. 

Awards and Experience

We’ve been awarded two globally renowned prizes (World Class Achievement Finance 2007 y World Class Finance Award 2011), commonly given by Kimberly-Clark to companies that develop important corporate projects for them. We have a vast experience in contract formulation and negotiation, from the most basic arrangements to complex ones like royalties, copyright licenses, buying and selling comercial establishments, etc. We also provide training services in Anticorruption Practices, Conduct Codes. Our director is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G3) for the elaboration of sustainability reports, which is essential for any enterprise in today’s landscape.

Work Structure

Our structure allows us to diversify our services in the Enterprise world. Given that we commonly handle coporate law, we have the advantage of not solely depending on one lawyer to attend the client. All of our lawyers and collaborators are at the disposition of the client whenever needed. 

Our clients

Strategic allies